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Course synopsis

This course introduces participants to game-based learning environments (such as Minecraft) and helps them design contexts for authentic learning using such technologies. It comprises a mixture of lectures, hands-on sessions and groupwork.

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At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how game-based learning environments can be designed and integrated into curricula for different subjects.

  • Understand how such curricula can be designed in alignment with Disciplinary Intuitions as a theory of learning using the Six Learnings curriculum design framework.


Session 1 (3 hours):

  • Lecture: Disciplinary Intuitions (DI) theory of learning and Six Learnings curriculum design framework.

  • Lecture: Introduction to Minecraft as a learning environment

  • Hands-on activity: basics of Minecraft, relating Minecraft game objects to subject domains (e.g. Redstone to Physics, biomes to Geography).

  • Assignment: participants are to research Minecraft curriculum resources and lesson plans and then come up with their own lesson ideas

Session 2 (3 hours):

  • Sharing and Class Discussion: Participants share their lesson ideas and discuss how their ideas (as well the resources and lesson plans they researched) can be contextualized within their subject domain's curriculum.

  • Lecture: STEM presentation

  • Hands-on activity: going further with Minecraft (e.g. building circuits to play music).

Course fee

MOE ParticipantsPublic
Full course feeS$60.00S$330.00
Nett course feeS$60.00S$330.00
7% GST on nett course feeS$4.20S$23.10
Copyright feeS$1.00S$1.00
Total nett course fee payable, including GST and copyright feeS$65.20S$354.10

Who should attend

Primary and Secondary School Teachers



6 hours

Course date(s):




Who should attend:

Primary and Secondary School Teachers





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